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The Diesel Management System (SGD by its initials in Spanish). It’s a system build to provide a comprehensive and reliable platform which allows users to monitor the supply, unloading and fuel consumption in sea but in land operations too. It counts with a system of data acquisition and transmission, as well as a web interface for local and remote visualization, with a comprehensive system for monitoring and control of diesel consumption during its operations.

This system will allow a better diesel consumption control as well as to generate the efficient use and thereof obtain a significant reduction in operating costs.


Web platform that lets you view real-time process automation flow measurement of diesel, monitoring among other variables, instant and daily consumption, being configurable to the user conditions required in the supply of the motor or tank.

One of the benefits of viewing the real-time operation is that it allows early detection of opportunities for improvement, deviations, and facilitates remote making decisions, avoiding loss or mismanagement of diesel.

Data Acquisition System

  • 15 " Touch screen (7" and 17 " versions are also available).
  • Real-time data:
  • Supply temperature.
  • Total Diesel supplied pumped to lines.
  • Total Diesel returning to tank.
  • Return temperature.
  • Diesel instant consumption.
  • Accumulated consumption.
  • Diesel pumped into auxiliary lines (Mud Dam).
  • Diesel supply supplied in session.
  • Comprehensive and scalable solution for monitoring up to 20 flowmeters.





  1. Electric cabinet.
  2. Printer.
  3. Supply sensor.
  4. Return sensor.
  5. Tank.
  6. 110-220 Volts power point.

SGD Strengths

Portability 100%

Easy installation and removal maintenance 100%

Local and remote display real-time 100%

Low power design 100%

Historical storage capacity 100%

Energy autonomy 100%


High precision flowmeters
With a margin error of 0.1%
Compensation fluid volume
Temperature and flow direction.
Fully adapted to process customer.
Local and remote display

In real time.

Historical data management
Historical data storage of up to two years of operation.
Reports generation
Generate reports manually and automatically
Technical support
Technical support and service communication support 24x7.



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