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Multi axial mesuring system with axial vortex separator.

SVA Axial vortex separators are compact separators using centrifugal and gravitational force to separate liquid, gas and solid.

Allows measurement of light, medium and heavy oil at high temperatures with low pressure loss in the process.


  • No moving parts, it is easy to install and operate, requires little maintenance, being a compact system increases the efficiency and reliability of equipment.
  • The measurement parameter generates a data storage and through consultation on the web system can verify measured parameters in the field from a remote computer in real time.
  • 15 year long-life shelf.
  • Integration into data acquisition systems.
  • Local or remote delivery report with optimization analysis

GOPP  focuses on real-time multiphase data visualization of the equipment regarding to volumes of gas, oil and water present in the production conditions, the registration of the balance of gas, pressure and temperature variables of the measured wells, as well as the historical record of them.


Real-time acquisition of variables as :

  • Gas volume
  • Liquid volume
  • Water cut
  • Viscosity
  • Fraction of gas trapped
  • Fluid temperature
  • Pressure line


The system is designed with explosion-proof connections for the safety of personnel involved.






 It is equipped for accurate analysis of water cut, viscosity, density, sediment and salinity, among others. This helps us to have an analysis of the properties of the fluid to be measured.

GOPP Strengths

Improve reservoir evaluation 100%

Well Control 100%

Monitoring lifetime Wells 100%

Production Techniques 100%


Variable process alarm management, with the option of sending email and / or SMS.
Generating reports in PDF and Excel format, data visualization and graphics performance.
Chemical analysis
Laboratory module for managing the analysis of water in the crude.

Customizable display to the customer's need.

Video surveillance
Video surveillance system and control of assets
Real-time charts
Web Monitoring and Control System for production fields registering local and remote data. Mechanical condition monitoring.



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