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It is software designed for monitoring and recording of variables in real time during operations in the oil industry.

It provides a modular architecture, which offers the ability to add or subtract modules depending on the work of operation you want to develop, allowing great flexibility and reliability in the management of information by the customer.




Integration of data recorded
Convert traditional data (LAS, WITS0, ASCII, etc.) to WITSML, in the current version Energy Standards.
Access to historical data
Access to historical data and reporting of the before mentioned.
Creation, registration and warning alarms, allowing interaction via email / SMS.
Charts in time and depth

The system records information based on time and depth to expand data analysis.

Integration to classic OPC and OPC UA
The system is expandable to data integration to other platforms that work with classic OPC and OPC UA.
Real-time transmission to a WITSML server
Worktech records and transmits information in real time to an available server on your WITSML network.
Video surveillance
Integration of IP cameras in real time.

Data Acquisition

The project aims to deliver a software that meets the technical drilling conditions area, this includes procedures such as calculations and mathematical considerations developmentof data acquisition for each drill operation being integrated to one software platform, while providing added value to the current operations of companies engaged in the oil field, helping to know, calculate and measure variables during the operationdisplaying them in real time.



  • Mud pumps Measurement RPM, SPM and gallonage
  • Hookload
  • Stand Pipe
  • Depth
  • Tank Level
  • Wireless communication between registration units
  • Floor Monitor
  • HMI Company - Tool Pusher
  • Supports WITS, WITSML, LAS.




  • Stainless steel cabinets hermetically sealed to protect from moisture or other.
  • Power 50W solar panel.
  • 2 days Battery Backup.
  • 3 digital signals bombs.
  • Variables local display (OPTIONAL)
  • Local and remote registry just in case data loss. (OPTIONAL)


Autodrill System 



  • Saves money by increasing drill bit life and improving the rate of penetration.
  • Digital control of target weight. Setting a target weight remains consistent in bits.
  • Calibration indicator signal sample weight of the diaphragm unit.
  • Only function "Rig Match" keeps the exact weight of bits in any change in the conditions of the drilling rig and most drilling operations.
  • Failsafe design. The brake is applied if air drilling equipment fails.
  • Available for use with battery or disc type brakes




Worktech has the facility to integrate with the Diesel Management System for further information system, go to the SGD product tab.


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