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"E & Tech Culture is part of all"

Nowadays, it is believed that the term of organizational culture is abstract, because many companies have not worked this aspect, but the meaning gives the organization personality and increasingly efficient, productive and competitive day by day.

Speaking of organizational culture we refer to the identity of a company, representing the DNA of organizations. If we would know an organization must know their culture, shared values, habits, customs, labor policies, code of conduct, traditions and ceremonies. This distinguishes one organization from others.

E & Tech, Department of Organizational Culture aims to promote, mediate and monitor a suitable working environment based on beliefs, values, norms and practices, which allow identification and internalization oriented to right attitude and a philosophy of life E & Tech.


E & Tech has balanced people who think, say and do one thing with a focus on justice and transparency, and to meet the objectives of the company.


E & Tech is committed to fulfilling its tasks based on customer satisfaction. We promote commitment and encourage our employees to always act in the right way, being aware of the consequences of our actions.


E & Tech acts with uprightness, honesty and transparency always looking for the concordance between what is thought is expressed and made to the welfare of our customers.


E & Tech handles personal initiative which is always developing creative ways to generate improvements and deliver the best results actions.


E & Tech acts with professionalism under the principles of legality, morality and good behavior in all our daily work activities.


E & Tech has trained people to achieve a common goal. Creativity and innovation of the group to generate new strategies to support the growth of the company is encouraged.

Service attitude

E & Tech is always available to our customers, we handle a positive attitude focused on satisfying their needs and achieve a sense of harmony and wellbeing.


E & Tech delivers results, we focus on achieving our goals in tandem to achieve a good working environment.

Respect to individuality

E & Tech recognizes that each person has a unique value and the individual contribution is essential to achieve the harmony of our teamwork.

D evelop products and services for measurement and control of information variables of industrial processes, using cutting edge technology that represent an optimal value solutions mainly to customers in the gas and oil industry sector but also in other sectors that they require it. Our company operates with capable, self-motivated employees willing to oriented changes to continuous improvement and a high commitment to customer satisfaction.

T o be a worldwide organization of excellence in control and automation, recognized for its competitiveness, ethics, product quality and service, as seen by its customers as a strategically for the selection of technologies and development of their projects.

T e are a company that generates solutions through the development of products and services for the measurement and control of variables information of industrial processes; making sure to satisfy customer requirements and other interested parties. All of our products and services are part of a process of continuous improvement, supported by our human capital management, technological innovation and compliance with existing national legislation.


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